The best employee engagement survey ever?

Most employee surveys aren’t engaging

Nearly half of all employees in the US and the UK have done a workplace survey in the last three years. Unfortunately 80% of them think that the process made absolutely no difference to their working lives at all. Most staff surveys have simply become tick box exercises that no one is seriously engaged with. Ultimately they can be a waste of time and money.

Why employee surveys are still useful

Surveys are still the most straightforward, easy and cost-effective way to collect data about what is going on within an organization. However you will only collect good data if employees feel free to answer honestly – a guarantee of anonymity is a minimum requirement and one reason why using an independent company to do your survey is a good idea (another is that we take all the hassle out of it).

The Happiness at Work Survey is different

We have set out to try and build the best, most engaging, easiest to use employee survey ever! We draw on the new science of happiness and well-being by focusing directly on employees’ actual experience of their work. Using the best of web-based technologies we are able to instantly give every employee their own special happiness at work report. These are in addition to reports for each team and the whole organization, which are available as soon as the survey closes. All results are presented in easy to understand indexes that include national benchmark data at a glance.

How a focus on happiness can benefit your organization

Having happy and engaged employees has a seriously positive impact on your bottom line. Higher profitability and greater shareholder value are generated through better customer service, increased sales, improved productivity, more innovation, lower absenteeism and reduced staff turnover. Our simple calculator can give you an estimate of how much your organization might save by improving happiness at work.